The Report of disciplinary misbehavior


What is a disciplinary misbehavior report?

The disciplinary misbehavior report is the act through which the employer is informed, by an employee or a third party, that an employee has committed acts that may constitute misconduct.

Along with the drawing up the disciplinary report are initiated disciplinary procedures. The procedure will end either with a sanction or with a disclaimer for the disciplinary misconduct.

Who draws up the report of the disciplinary misbehavior?

The report of disciplinary misbehavior can be drawn up by any person who is aware that the employee has committed the acts that, in his opinion, may be a disciplinary misconduct. So, the disciplinary misbehavior report can be made by superiors, colleagues of the employee or third parties (customers, partners, etc.).

The labor law doesn`t require that the person making the disciplinary report to have any quality or to be in any relationship of coordination or subordination with the employee who has committed misconduct.

The form of the report of disciplinary misbehavior

The law doesn`t require a certain formalism in how to draw the report of the disciplinary misconduct.

However, the report must contain enough items allowing to identify the employee who committed the acts alleged to be disciplinary misconduct (name, function, etc.). The report must also include a minimal description of the alleged facts of the employee in order to establish the real situation and the employee actions or inactions leading to drawing the disciplinary report.